CrossFit is a back to basics strength and conditioning program that combines varied functional movements at a high intensity. In each Workout Ofthe Day (WOD) will produce dramatic changes in Strength, Stamina, and Body Shape.

CrossFit was developed to enhance every individual’s competency at all physical tasks. CrossFit is an international fitness program with over 1500 affiliates worldwide.

At CrossFit Station we are a private fitness facility located in Eagle Idaho. We are a place where clients can work-out under the direction of a CrossFit Certified Trainer. We service all of Boise, Meridan, Eagle, and Nampa areas.

Here at CrossFit we adapt to all ages and all ability levels. We have proved success with children, athletes, and older adults. The CrossFit approach challenges an individual at their current level of fitness and progressively moves each person to greater levels of fitness.

Hear what our members are saying

“I can already notice a difference in my overall body shape in just two weeks”  Mary in Meridian    

                “I feel better now,  than I have for years”  Jay in Star

                 “CrossFit has improved my strength by 100%. I managed to do my first push-up on my toes. I have never done push-ups on my toes it has always  been on my knees”  Misty in Nampa

                “After my son did training with coaches Tony and Trina, he has become a well rounded athlete and his Lacrosse game is better than ever”  Tandy in Eagle