Kimberlee is Back!

Trina and Tony,

I have definitely fallen in love with CrossFit. I can tell that this is something I want to continue doing. I couldn't have said that on my first week and I will tell you the first week was hell for me. Cutting bread, cheese, soda, etc was not an easy task for me! But, I have stuck to my diet and made sure I was making healthier food choices. I have cut out soda and other sugary drinks. I can't lie but I have had a few hiccups along the way. 

I'm getting stronger and before I started I could barely to a push up on my toes. I did a couple the other day and can now do them on my toes easier. I know for a fact I have put on more muscle mass. I also have a mental toughness that I didn't think I would ever be able to have. I can push myself harder in workouts and make sure I am getting the most out of each time I go.

Most importantly, thank you for your training and showing me how to do things and making sure I am in the loop at all times. I've felt welcome since the moment I walked in three weeks ago and the people I work out with are the best! I'm excited for the future!

Trisha's Transformation

Before 150lbs 38.4% BF and 92.078 lbs of LBM.

Now 137lbs 24.91% BF and 101 lbs of LBM.

I just received the best phone call, with the best news!!!! I am NO LONGER PRE-DIABETIC!! I have been CrossFitting for a little over a year and it is tremendous, but what you put in your body will make you or break you. I have been eating mostly Paleo, limited grains, tons of veggies, fruits and protein and NO ADDED SUGAR! I am so excited. I'm in the best shape and health of my life. I am so thankful to God right now. Thank you Trina and Tony for helping me through this journey.

Bryan's Transformation

Bryan Ruhl, I am a father, a husband, a teacher, and a baseball enthusiast. I CrossFit 3 - 5x a week and continue to live on a moderate Paleo Nutrition plan. When I did Trina and Tony's challenge the hardest thing to change overall was getting rid of the "grab anything diet." Now I eat a sensible breakfast before heading off to work, I pack a lunch everyday to take with me and I am better at making sensible dinner choices when I am stuck out at the baseball fields. If you follow the plan that they give and come to CrossFit at least 3x a week you will see results. I highly recommend it!

Ian and Melody

We met at the Ambrose School where we both currently work: Melody as a 9th grade humanities teacher and Ian as an athletic director.  We started CrossFit in the Winter of 2013 where we had a great time competing and flirting.  We are getting married in May and moving to Las Vegas in June where Ian will be starting a Physical Therapy program at UNLV.
Why do CF over the other training programs?
CrossFit is fast, competitive and effective.  CrossFit also keeps you motivated by creating a community of people who spur each other on.  Consistent coaching keeps us working hard and striving after new goals. It also emphasizes the strengthening of all muscle groups and not just bicep curls, which is what Ian used to be obsessed with in college for some reason.
For Ian- CF has been the first weight training regime that I have been able to be fairly consistent at. The combination of competition and encouraging co-members make me want to keep coming back. As great as the coaches and members are, I think one of the greatest benefits I have attained from CrossFit is increased flexibility. This in turn enables me to do other outdoor activities and sports without as much fear of injury.
For Melody- CF was one of the first weight training regimes I had ever tried.  I was amazed to see my progress and how much I enjoyed the challenge and the community.  It has increased my running speed and my endurance.  It is a good thing I do CrossFit because I have to keep up with Ian: mountain biking, water skiing and running.

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Meet Janine




I am a Registered Nurse and a Residential Care (Assisted Living) Administrator. In my 40 plus years of nursing I have touched many areas of nursing including 10 years as a VP of Nursing in a 600-bed Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada where I lived for 35 years.  Currently I am a consultant for the State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare advising Assisted Living Communities needing help with Idaho AL State Regulations. I love working with the elderly (I’m almost there myself) and their families, plus I get to meet a lot of wonderful folks who too love the elderly.

I’m married to a wonderful German who is retired, but consults in the Treasure Valley with the Chamber helping individuals who need help with start up businesses. He works daily taking care of me, which is great… and he will tell you, a lot of work! We have traveled Europe a lot due to all of Claus’ family is still in Germany. We have two daughters who are grown and one is still in Nevada and the other is in New Mexico. Of major importance is our Maltese dog…Baggar!

I have an identical twin sister who lives here as well, so if you see her you might think that it is me…if you don’t get a smile and a hello… it’s her and she does not know you!

I have been athletic since the age of 22 when then I decided that weighing 180 pounds was not acceptable. I started by swimming, then for about 30 plus years I was a runner, and then in the last 8-10 years I went to spinning classes 4-5 times a week.

Last year I noticed that despite no changes in my eating or gym routine, my clothes were not fitting as well. And as history as shown, the older one gets, sometimes it is a bit harder to loose the weight. I have a “favorite” niece in Seattle who is a certified CrossFit trainer, and I told her my woes. She suggested that I try CrossFit. So at the age of 62 I joined CrossFit Station under the tutelage of Tony and Trina.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy the WOD’s. Every night, except Friday, I check the site so I know what to expect the next morning. Actually, I do this so that I can begin the mental game that “yes, I can do that”. And there are mornings (5 AM) that as I enter the door I do have a bit of tachycardia (rapid heart rate). But the really good news is I’ve seen with this program improvement in my strength and endurance. To date after about 8 months I have dropped in pant size!

Thanks Tony and Trina, because of you I am a now a stronger 63 year old and proud to say…”hey, I can do that I am a CrossFitter”!!!


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