Who/What kind of guy is Jay?

Forty five year old that has pretty much broke down his entire body playing in the outdoors, 30 years of Hunting, stomping up and down hills, Archery, Motorcycling, Snow skiing, Water skiing, Horse backing, If its Outdoors and its got a motor or even pedals or wings I like it. I love trying anything offered any where we go. Adrenaline Junky

How is CrossFit different from your previous fitness regimen?

After my knee replacement I started trying to get back to half of normal I went to a gym every morning and tried to get my body and knee back to at least 75% My knee would not quit hurting, I limped every morning and any time I tried to do any of the stuff I loved doing... Well I have to admit it takes a bunch of the fun out of life when your in pain and out of shape. In the gym I only did what I thought would be good for me or what ever I felt like for that day -- You know the deal we are Human and we are lazy by nature. Sure it was better than doing nothing but eventually I quit because I was not seeing any huge benefit.

Why did you come to CrossFit?

First we sent my son because he was motor-crossing and I wanted to do all we could to keep him from getting hurt fitness is #1 in MX. He went from a pretty good Jr rider to a top 10 Intermediate rider (one class below pro) Instead of wrecking he started saving those close calls and guess what no injuries since he started CrossFit plus his self confidence went way up. Second my wife started going and can I say Yeee Haaa I sure like that new body that continues to get Harder. Mm Hmm do you want to spice up a 23 year marriage? I have never been to counseling but I bet you CrossFit is cheaper and much more rewarding.

So why did I come to CrossFit? My 45 year old wore out body was not enjoying all the things I had come to love, something needed to change. Was I ready to throw in the towel and become a couch potato? No, but I was and had lots of good excuses why. If CrossFit was working for my son and wife it had to be worth a try. So to me a try would be a 3 month effort do the best I could for 3 months and if there was not results maybe go back to my own personal training at a Gym (Its much cheaper)

How has CrossFit changed you?

Where do I start ? How about with the artificial knee, when I started CrossFit Station I could all most do a squat Tony and Trina understood my situation and we just did what I could. I can run, but should I NO it is not good for my knee so when the class calls to run I use the rowing machine. When the class calls for box jumps I do twice as many and just do step ups. It is the impact that is hard on my knees, As I have trained my titanium knee has continued to get stronger every week. I have very little pain and the stabilizer muscles are coming back to life enough I was dragging my down hill ski stuff out. Two weeks ago I hauled a 100 lb box full of stuff on my motorcycle 10 miles up a bad trail. The following week I rode my horse 46 miles in three days. Oh, I forgot to mention I can do an un-real amount of squats now with no weight and did a squat with 135lb bar this week.

As we continued the daily exercises my shoulder I had repaired felt strained and acted like it was going to give me some problems. However, as I continued to do the weight that was manageable with out hurting my shoulder it began to get stronger. Last week I did 5 sets of 3 hand stand push ups Pretty good for a bad shoulder.

I guess my other option would be to sit around and complain until it started coming out of joint again. Naaaaa I will take CrossFit

Last quick note My Back, It is not perfect yet but it will not be long, every week it gets better. To get out of bed and not limp with a sore back is so awesome, To grab my wife's tight butt knowing CrossFit is doing the same for her.... To see my Son achieve more everyday with all the challenges life throw at a young man!! To see my daughter run for her college better than she ever has finishing in the top of the Nation each year !!

Yep you guessed it I am 100% sold my wife two kids and obviously this forty five year old can never be happier for what CrossFit is doing in our lives

Again I guess I could spend money every week going to the Doctor or the chiropractor to help all my problems but for a whole lot less money each month I feel better than I have for years.

Quit sitting around and saying I am going to .......... Or I cant because................

Make the decision its a split second are you happy with who you are ? Or are you ready to make the change.

Life is short Enjoy it--- Don't sit around and complain

Jay Robert