I am the kind of person/girl/woman that likes a challenge; the kind of person that is goal oriented and the kind of person that responds well to routine torture and torment by trainers (just kidding, Tony and Trina!).  Seriously, the aforementioned traits have made me the perfect guinea pig.  On my first visit to CrossFitStation (more than a year ago) I was thinking about signing up for some personal training.  Trina convinced me that I might want to try a WOD.  I tried and I was hooked, and within a few weeks I was sort of an addict, a regular junkie. I was challenged, I was setting new goals and I was having a great time. Every workout is achallenge and every week I am adding to my never-ending list of goals (Pistols, Burpees, Kipping pull-ups, Toes to bar, Knees to elbows, Box jumps, Double-unders, Rope-climbs, Overhead squats, Cleans, Deadlifts, Presses, Snatches, HSPUs, etc.).  I belong in the “masters” category, but Tony and Trina never let that get in the way of my ongoing desire to keep showing up and working hard (they don’t let me wimp out just because I’m old).

My original goal in coming to CFS was “to work on strength”.  In a few months I had exceeded my expectations.  It works for me because I have fun (see above), I get my workout done early and I get to hang out with other people that have a similar workout philosophy.  One of the many cool things about a workout is how good it feels to finish a WOD.  The combination of complex movements coupled with the task of counting and the focus on actually getting through the workout is intense (especially at 5 am).  In other words, CrossFit makes my brain feel really good. I go to work feeling energized and I spread my enthusiasm around at my office where I am a Podiatrist in a group Podiatry practice.

When I started at “The Station” my workout routine was in a rut.  I was running/jogging regularly but I was not doing anything else.  As I have already mentioned, I quickly became extremely enthusiastic about my new workout routine.  Weeks turned into months and before long my CrossFit workouts exceeded my running workouts.  I found that my running actually improved and I finished the Race to Robie Creek with a faster time than the year before.

Fortunately I have a very supportive family that was/is willing to put up with my workout agenda (early hours and nearly nonstop attendance).  Over time my enthusiasm has spread to the rest of my family.  My son (Gabe) was first.  He started showing up at the Station regularly during his first summer break from college.  Eventually my husband (Stan) and my teenage daughter (Jillian) came over to the CrossFit side and they show up @ The Station when they can.  It is very rewarding for me to have my entire family involved in something that I enjoy!

One last thing:

Tony and Trina are the main reason I stuck with CrossFit.  Not only are they wonderful trainers, they are also fantastic individuals.  They know how to motivate their clients and how to make a tough workout fun.  They know how to laugh and how to cry; they know how to give and how to receive.  They care about their clients, they care about their community, and they care about each other.  As a self-employed business owner, I know that it can be tough to show up every day and put on a happy face.  They always manage to do the right thing.  And oh, by the way, Tony is the #5 masters level CrossFitter in the world.  Way to go, Tony!  Way to go!