Who is Lily? The kind of girl I am now is far from the person I was a few years ago. You couldn't pay me to run a block, lift a weight let alone wake up at 4:30 am every morning! Now...I couldn't image not paying for it!

Why CrossFit?

I started CrossFit one year ago because I was training for a marathon and heard it would help if I had some muscle. I was a cardio-holic! The epitome of skinny fat.

How has your athletic career changed? I began running in 2010 and I generally shoot for 1-2 races a month during the season which meant I was running 6 miles a day 5-6 times a week in training. I did this for the first 6 months of CrossFit. This summer I cut my daily training runs by 50-60% and increased my weight lifting and have placed 2nd in 2 of the last races. CrossFit has given me the strength, stamina and confidence to just go out there and leave it all on the trails without having to put in hours of cardio. What crossfit has done for my running is great but what it's done for me as a person is what really counts. CrossFit and the people that i workout with every morning have changed my life. I learned to cut the crap out of my life. The negative thoughts, negative people & bad habits (most of them). It's taught me to surround myself with only people that I look up to and are going to lift you higher. I look up to my 5am CrossFit girls in their family life, careers and of course in the gym cause they are some kick a$$ women! We push each other, we have become accountable to each other and are each others biggest cheerleaders when one of us gets that first pull up or new PR. We have come a long way in the past year together and we owe it to our great coaches at the Station who kick our butts every morning!

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