Hi! We are Scott and RossAnne Gibson. We've been married almost 21 years and have 5 awesome boys! Our sons are Wes, 19; Alex, 17; Justin, 16; Ethan, 13 and Winston, 2. Scott owns a gun business called Underground Guns. He buys and sells guns and ammo, and teaches gun basic classes as well as concealed weapons permit classes. RossAnne is a full-time stay-at-home mom, who is in the process of becoming certified as a Chi Running instructor.

Scott has enjoyed running and weight lifting for years. RossAnne has enjoyed running, yoga and weight lifting. Even though we have exercised our entire adult lives, we found ourselves overweight and frustrated with our physical shape. Scott found Crossfit Station (CFS) about 2 years ago and has been hooked since. He saw amazing results quickly, losing 40 pounds on Paleo.  Scott feels he still has 20 pounds to lose; it’s his goal to consistently hit WOD’s at CFS at least 3 days a week forever. He loves working out at CFS because Tony and Trina are so supportive, yet so incredibly mean to him! ;)

RossAnne started at CFS June 2012 when their baby was a little over a year old. She used CFS and a food diary app, My Fitness Pal, along with running to see quick results by losing 37 pounds in 7 months last year!


Because of CFS we both can do things we didn't imagine possible before we started. Things like, numerous push-ups in a row, pull ups, rope climbs, and much more! Thanks to our hard work and the support of Tony, Trina and our CFS friends we are physically fit and enjoy great health!