Who are Angie and Glen?
We are an active family that likes to be on the go whether it be skiing in the winter or wake-boarding in the summer.  We enjoy spending  time together no matter where we are.  Angie is the Chief Operations Officer at the Stephenson family home and likes to volunteer helping out a number of local and international causes.  Glen fixes stuff at home and at his dental practice.  Megan, Jake,  Luke and Autumn are wonderful kids making life very happy for mom and dad.
Why CrossFit?
We found CrossFit a few years back and were attracted to the variety of workouts.  We got bored doing the same workout day after day until Crossfit came along.  We love having difficult and new workouts every day.
How has your athletic career changed?
We have found that it does not take us any time to jump into a new sport and season.  When it is winter we pop on the skis  and enjoy the mountain from day one without  soreness.  Same with our time and the lake. Add to this improved daily performance at home and work....well we are kind of hooked!
Glen has a sense of humor and this was his first answer:
CrossFit has really changed my "athletic" career. With all the measurements of workouts and time I now have data to prove that I really suck at Thrusters, pullups, wallballs...ok just about everything with a bar. I also discovered that I can jump rope. Yes you heard me right, j.u.m.p. r.o.p.e. (third graders don't even think about beating me)

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