Lisa and Roger Munger

Who are the Mungers?

Our careers allow us flexibility to make it to CrossFit five days a week. Lisa is a CRNA (AKA nurse anesthetist, or gas passer). Roger is a professor of English and serves as the Boise State’s NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative. Not only are we fortunate to have time for CrossFit but also we have time to be Disney-fanatics with our three daughters, Jessie, Megan, and Natalie. Jessie and Megan have tried a few family-day WODs, if only to checkout the cute boys. Natalie prefers soccer and Justin Bieber.


Roger eats a vegan diet, enjoys zombie books, and cheering for the Boise State Broncos. Lisa eats a vegetarian diet, preferring real cheese with flavor on her pizza and milk in her coffee. She watches Walking Dead, but it freaks her out. Lisa is a BSU alumna, so she knows the fight song and her pom-poms are blue and orange. We both enjoy watching disaster and giant crocodile-piranha-shark movies on SyFy channel.


What else do you need to know? A long time ago, Roger wrote a letter of protest to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science when Star Wars didn’t win the Oscar for best picture. Lisa can been seen driving while rocking to Def Leppard and Bon Jovi, practicing for her dream job of rock star.


Why do CF over the other training programs?

Gene Earhardt convinced us to give CrossFit a try. Of course, our first few WODs were, how to put this, OMG awful. Now after almost 17 months, the WODs are, well, still barf-worthy; we’ve just learned to smile while doing burpees. What’s the appeal of CrossFit? The challenge and variety. We enjoy the challenge of competing against our themselves (it really helps to keep record of past WODs to see your progress). The WODs are varied and represent a different challenge each day: how do I get through this and not puke, pass out, or crash on the box jump? 70 reps of what? Seriously? We both appreciate not having to come up with our own workout each day because left to our own discretion we might just say, “Let’s walk to coffee.” CrossFit also gives Roger an excuse to order custom blue and orange “Go Broncos” Reebok Nanos. What’s the number one reason we keep coming back to CrossFit? The people. From Tony and Trina to the people who do the WODs with us, they are all supportive, encouraging, and fun to be around. If you’re going to do a hero WOD, it’s best to have fun with the people also doing it. Although we might not finish first in the WODs (our motto is “try not to finish last”), we are content in knowing we will be near the front of the line at the wine tasting.


How has CF changed your athletic career?

Both of us participated in athletics in high school but stopped competing once we went to college. That is to say, we both didn’t have long “athletic careers” and still don’t have sports agents trying to sign us to Rogue Fitness endorsements. Instead, the WODs keep us in shape to drag luggage through airports, put in a full day at Disney, hike to our seats to cheer the Broncos, heft a case of wine into the trunk, and run from zombies (First Rule: cardio).