I am a Registered Nurse and a Residential Care (Assisted Living) Administrator. In my 40 plus years of nursing I have touched many areas of nursing including 10 years as a VP of Nursing in a 600-bed Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada where I lived for 35 years.  Currently I am a consultant for the State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare advising Assisted Living Communities needing help with Idaho AL State Regulations. I love working with the elderly (I’m almost there myself) and their families, plus I get to meet a lot of wonderful folks who too love the elderly.

I’m married to a wonderful German who is retired, but consults in the Treasure Valley with the Chamber helping individuals who need help with start up businesses. He works daily taking care of me, which is great… and he will tell you, a lot of work! We have traveled Europe a lot due to all of Claus’ family is still in Germany. We have two daughters who are grown and one is still in Nevada and the other is in New Mexico. Of major importance is our Maltese dog…Baggar!

I have an identical twin sister who lives here as well, so if you see her you might think that it is me…if you don’t get a smile and a hello… it’s her and she does not know you!

I have been athletic since the age of 22 when then I decided that weighing 180 pounds was not acceptable. I started by swimming, then for about 30 plus years I was a runner, and then in the last 8-10 years I went to spinning classes 4-5 times a week.

Last year I noticed that despite no changes in my eating or gym routine, my clothes were not fitting as well. And as history as shown, the older one gets, sometimes it is a bit harder to loose the weight. I have a “favorite” niece in Seattle who is a certified CrossFit trainer, and I told her my woes. She suggested that I try CrossFit. So at the age of 62 I joined CrossFit Station under the tutelage of Tony and Trina.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy the WOD’s. Every night, except Friday, I check the site so I know what to expect the next morning. Actually, I do this so that I can begin the mental game that “yes, I can do that”. And there are mornings (5 AM) that as I enter the door I do have a bit of tachycardia (rapid heart rate). But the really good news is I’ve seen with this program improvement in my strength and endurance. To date after about 8 months I have dropped in pant size!

Thanks Tony and Trina, because of you I am a now a stronger 63 year old and proud to say…”hey, I can do that I am a CrossFitter”!!!


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