We met at the Ambrose School where we both currently work: Melody as a 9th grade humanities teacher and Ian as an athletic director.  We started CrossFit in the Winter of 2013 where we had a great time competing and flirting.  We are getting married in May and moving to Las Vegas in June where Ian will be starting a Physical Therapy program at UNLV.
Why do CF over the other training programs?
CrossFit is fast, competitive and effective.  CrossFit also keeps you motivated by creating a community of people who spur each other on.  Consistent coaching keeps us working hard and striving after new goals. It also emphasizes the strengthening of all muscle groups and not just bicep curls, which is what Ian used to be obsessed with in college for some reason.
For Ian- CF has been the first weight training regime that I have been able to be fairly consistent at. The combination of competition and encouraging co-members make me want to keep coming back. As great as the coaches and members are, I think one of the greatest benefits I have attained from CrossFit is increased flexibility. This in turn enables me to do other outdoor activities and sports without as much fear of injury.
For Melody- CF was one of the first weight training regimes I had ever tried.  I was amazed to see my progress and how much I enjoyed the challenge and the community.  It has increased my running speed and my endurance.  It is a good thing I do CrossFit because I have to keep up with Ian: mountain biking, water skiing and running.