Disordered eating, anemic and a thyroid disease....this is how I first entered the CrossFit Station. Seeing an ad on the internet for a 21 day challenge I decided that I needed to take the plunge of doing something completely different, in order to tackle my health problems. I was scared that I would be rejected for having so many health issues...but this was not the case whatsoever. From day 1 Tony and Trina were so encouraging and welcoming even when I told them all my health issues....and that is how they stayed. 

Tony and Trina are both encouraging, and caring yet they will challenge you to do things that you think you cannot do. Not only are they welcoming the whole of the community at CrossFit Station are encouraging and caring as well. The 21 day challenge is long over and though I am not entirely where I want to be, I have already seen small changes that are leading to be bigger changes that I am so hopeful for. More energy, more strength, a little more flexibility, and more hope thus far! I am continuing on with CrossFit and encouraged to see even more progress in the future. Thank you Tony and Trina and the whole community at CrossFit Station for all the encouragement and support!