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Before: 150 lbs                                                              After 157 lbs                                              13% Body Fat                                                                12% Body Fat                                           130.93 lbs of lean body mass                                         138.16 lbs of lean body mass

I went to CrossFit Station to get back into working out and to start feeling healthy. I have cystic fibrosis which is a genetic born health problem. I had been sick and fell out of my work out habits that made me feel healthy because I had been sick and in the hospital. I saw their 6 week program and thought is would be a great way to get me back into working out again. CrossFit Station is great from day one! The experience was what I needed to get back into working out again. Trina and Tony are great trainers and where friendly from the very first day. They knew how to work with me to push me and not let me push my self to hard to get hurt. They always answered my questions and would show me what to do if I had never done the work out before. They are great even in groups and knowing how to get everyone up to speed. I love the program. The big thing that has changed is how I feel about my self and my health. I can tell the I have gained muscle and healthy weight. I am happier with my appearance and how I feel each day. I would recommend them to anyone that asked where to work out. Thank you Trina and Tony!