I am not much of a picture person so I don't have any photos but: 

Before: 150 pounds. 26.56% Body Fat.  39.84 Fat pounds.  110.16 Lean Body Mass Pounds

After: 138 pounds. 17.49% Body Fat. 24.14 Fat pounds. 113.86 Lean Body Mass Pounds

One year ago I was in the best shape of my life. Then, just as it does, life swooped in and knocked me down. I went through one of the toughest seasons of my life and I had to make some very difficult decisions in many areas of my life. One of which was, to take a break from my rigid exercise routine and relearn what was important to me. As a result of this rest period, in which I ate and drank anything and everything I wanted, I gained 20 pounds! After 7 months off, I decided it was time to add some healthy routines back into my life again, being careful to evaluate how each new addition made me feel physically and spiritually. I wanted balance in my life. What I didn’t expect to discover was just how difficult the climb back into shape would be! I started and stopped all of my old tried and true healthy eating patterns several times only to fall right back into eating and drinking junk! For the first time, I just couldn’t seem to stick to it! I was weak and needed to ask for help – which was not something I was good at.

I had recently joined a new box, CrossFit Station, and Trina spoke with me about the Whole Life Challenge. I never had been one for these types of challenges but after hitting the wall for a couple of months, I knew I needed the accountability. My husband agreed to join the challenge with me and what a blessing that was! Having a partner to do this challenge with (and the whole family) was critical to my success. I know I would not have had the results I did without my partner!

The first two weeks were the toughest. I appreciated the team posts, shared recipes and group communication during this period. It definitely helped my resolve knowing everyone was going through the same daily struggles. I craved sugar So Bad! I also had headaches, became irritable and was very tired. Then, around week three the fog lifted! I was feeling motivated, happier, cravings disappeared (except for chocolate!), and I slept like a baby.

The challenge was good to me! It did exactly what I needed it to. It catapulted me back on track to good health and balance. For me, the keys to sticking with the challenge were having a partner to do it with and advanced meal planning, which I did every Sunday. I also believe that 20 minutes of cardio on the days I did not CrossFit was a major contributor to the inches lost.

Though I am not quite to where I was a year ago, I still feel great about my results! I am now working on increasing my lean body mass pounds and the Whole Life Challenge was just the fiery push I needed to believe in myself again. I am thankful for the Whole Life Challenge and to Trina for her care and focus on nutrition at CrossFit Station. I love the balance CrossFit Station has between fitness and nutrition.


-Ruth Gray