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Who is Megan?


Who is Megan?

Hi! I’m Megan Wetzel. I’m 19 years old and I’m studying Criminal Justice at Boise State University where I just finished my second year. I plan on becoming a cop once a graduate. I've lived in Boise for almost 2 years now and I have 2 canine babies. When I was a kid my dad started me in a lot of sports and a majority of the sports I tried came very easy to me. I ended up just focusing on playing softball during high school where I made varsity my freshmen year. After high school my passion for softball was gone and I wanted to find something new.  That’s when one of the guys that use to work with me invited me to try to Crossfit. I signed up my first day and it has been one of the best decisions I ever made.

Why Crossfit?

I’m addicted to CrossFit. I spend more time watching CrossFit tutorials than I’d like to admit. I've been doing CrossFit for almost a year and now I can do things that I seriously never thought I could do. In 6 months of doing the weightlifting I took my clean from 100lbs with terrible form to 155lbs. I can also split jerk 155 when in January I could barely put 95lbs over my head. Not only can I do pull ups but I can do a bar muscle up as well. This year I even competed in the CrossFit games open where I got my butt handed to me each week but it only motivated to try to work even harder. During 13.5 of the open I actually got my first chest to bar pull ups! Then there are all the people that I get to work out with on a daily basis that make CrossFit even more enjoyable. The people that I get to work out with every day automatically raise the bar for me all the time with how good they are. I’m always getting help and tips on how to do certain movements or become more efficient at them. Tony and Trina are always helping me with my nutrition, programming, supplements and recovery. The recovery part is hard for me because I find it very hard to take a rest day. The sense of community that is at the Station is the best part about working out there. I get to have fun every time I work out.

How has your athletic career changed?

For a majority of my life I've been a competitive athlete. I got burned out on softball by doing it for 13 years, all year round, but with CrossFit I’m never bored with any of the workouts. I always get excited when I see the WODs and can’t wait for the morning to come. I want to be able to do a muscle up on the rings by my 20th birthday in just a couple weeks. My goal is to one day compete at the North West Regionals for CrossFit and until then I’ll just keep training to become the best I can!

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Meet RossAnne and Scott


Hi! We are Scott and RossAnne Gibson. We've been married almost 21 years and have 5 awesome boys! Our sons are Wes, 19; Alex, 17; Justin, 16; Ethan, 13 and Winston, 2. Scott owns a gun business called Underground Guns. He buys and sells guns and ammo, and teaches gun basic classes as well as concealed weapons permit classes. RossAnne is a full-time stay-at-home mom, who is in the process of becoming certified as a Chi Running instructor.

Scott has enjoyed running and weight lifting for years. RossAnne has enjoyed running, yoga and weight lifting. Even though we have exercised our entire adult lives, we found ourselves overweight and frustrated with our physical shape. Scott found Crossfit Station (CFS) about 2 years ago and has been hooked since. He saw amazing results quickly, losing 40 pounds on Paleo.  Scott feels he still has 20 pounds to lose; it’s his goal to consistently hit WOD’s at CFS at least 3 days a week forever. He loves working out at CFS because Tony and Trina are so supportive, yet so incredibly mean to him! ;)

RossAnne started at CFS June 2012 when their baby was a little over a year old. She used CFS and a food diary app, My Fitness Pal, along with running to see quick results by losing 37 pounds in 7 months last year!


Because of CFS we both can do things we didn't imagine possible before we started. Things like, numerous push-ups in a row, pull ups, rope climbs, and much more! Thanks to our hard work and the support of Tony, Trina and our CFS friends we are physically fit and enjoy great health!


Who are the Moomey's?

We are Ron and Elly and Mark Moomey. Ron is retired, Elly is working  as a flex RN and Mark is a full time student at BYU Provo, UT.
I, Elly,  started Cross Fit in April 2012, after being introduced to it by a friend.
Why CrossFit? I liked the idea of diversity, and fairly quick, but intensive workouts. When I came the first weeks, was totally impressed by the strength and agility of participants, and thought I would never be able to do a pull up.
I have been a life long runner, running several half marathons and 3 full marathons in the last 10 years. In the last years I added road biking and completed two half Iron man's  So I thought I was in fairly decent shape, but CrossFit told me there is always room for improvement!. I love it, and it has become addictive. It surely has increased my strength, especially  upper body. It is cool to see muscles develop and define I did not know I had.
In the recent years I have had hamstring injuries due to running and biking, but have been able to continue CrossFit, with some modifications. I never look to see what the WOD is....I rather be naive and I do not want to know what is waiting for me...The WOD might look daunting, but when I start, I mentally check things off, and before you know, it is done!
Now I combine running with CrossFit, and it is awesome. I feel strong with the work out combinations and I am looking forward to running a few races in the spring.
I, Ron have been retired for a while, and became more sedentary. I watched my wife Elly participate in CrossFit for about 6 months, and then I started.  Once I began CrossFit I have had no problems with back, knees and shoulders, and I have regained a lot of strength and stamina and overall I feel great and healthier.
It is fun for us as a family to go together for a work out, and start our day.
Recently Mark started working with Tony, to prepare for some physical fitness tests. While in his last semester of high school, he came 3x a week. At the moment, being home from college, he has been coming about 3-4 x weekly, to stay in shape for his Army ROTC physical training class. Mark's comment:" I am looking forward to start ROTC training next week, and see everyone struggling. It will be a piece of cake after CrossFit!"
We, the Moomey's, like the atmosphere at Eagle CrossFit Station, Tony and Trina are great trainers and friends, good motivators and examples. We also like it that they make the work outs adaptable to each individual capacities. And it is fun to come and see people you work out with regularly, and have become friends.

Helsi's Story

Who is Helsi? I have 3 busy, athletic kids and I'm just doing my best to keep up with them! I reached that big milestone birthday with a "4" in it a few weeks ago and guess what? I feel awesome! I'm in better shape now after doing CrossFit for 2 years than I have ever been as an adult.
Why CrossFit? I grew up as a gymnast. I've tried all types of workouts as an adult including kickboxing, running & group classes at the gym. I've also taken some pretty big breaks when I was having my babies, I'm talking years here. I wish I would have had CrossFit in my life then. It has been such an inspiration to see Trina kick butt through her pregnancy. I have never found a workout, or maybe I should say lifestyle, that has kept me excited & motivated for such a long time. I can honestly say that I can't imagine ever quitting CrossFit.  How many people can say they seriously love their workout? I know a whole bunch of them at CrossFit Station!
How has your athletic career changed? I've been a competitive athlete, a couch potato, a weekend warrior, a runner and everything in between. I'm at a place in my life where I just want to enjoy my kids and do as much fun stuff as possible! I love being able to jump on a snowboard, wakeboard, scooter or snowmobile and not worry that I'm going to break my neck. I never want to miss out on their lives because I haven't taken care of myself. I just showed my 15 year old how to do a handstand push-up. How cool is that? She was doing her own workout at home. I hope to be a good example for my kids.
anything else you'd like us to know...

CrossFit is never boring. There is always a new challenge waiting. I love the people who seem to be drawn to it. You will find many different kinds of folks with vastly different athletic abilities. But, they are all fun, easy-going, encouraging and just a little bit competitive. I love being part of the family at the Station.