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Ian and Melody

We met at the Ambrose School where we both currently work: Melody as a 9th grade humanities teacher and Ian as an athletic director.  We started CrossFit in the Winter of 2013 where we had a great time competing and flirting.  We are getting married in May and moving to Las Vegas in June where Ian will be starting a Physical Therapy program at UNLV.
Why do CF over the other training programs?
CrossFit is fast, competitive and effective.  CrossFit also keeps you motivated by creating a community of people who spur each other on.  Consistent coaching keeps us working hard and striving after new goals. It also emphasizes the strengthening of all muscle groups and not just bicep curls, which is what Ian used to be obsessed with in college for some reason.
For Ian- CF has been the first weight training regime that I have been able to be fairly consistent at. The combination of competition and encouraging co-members make me want to keep coming back. As great as the coaches and members are, I think one of the greatest benefits I have attained from CrossFit is increased flexibility. This in turn enables me to do other outdoor activities and sports without as much fear of injury.
For Melody- CF was one of the first weight training regimes I had ever tried.  I was amazed to see my progress and how much I enjoyed the challenge and the community.  It has increased my running speed and my endurance.  It is a good thing I do CrossFit because I have to keep up with Ian: mountain biking, water skiing and running.

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Meet Janine




I am a Registered Nurse and a Residential Care (Assisted Living) Administrator. In my 40 plus years of nursing I have touched many areas of nursing including 10 years as a VP of Nursing in a 600-bed Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada where I lived for 35 years.  Currently I am a consultant for the State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare advising Assisted Living Communities needing help with Idaho AL State Regulations. I love working with the elderly (I’m almost there myself) and their families, plus I get to meet a lot of wonderful folks who too love the elderly.

I’m married to a wonderful German who is retired, but consults in the Treasure Valley with the Chamber helping individuals who need help with start up businesses. He works daily taking care of me, which is great… and he will tell you, a lot of work! We have traveled Europe a lot due to all of Claus’ family is still in Germany. We have two daughters who are grown and one is still in Nevada and the other is in New Mexico. Of major importance is our Maltese dog…Baggar!

I have an identical twin sister who lives here as well, so if you see her you might think that it is me…if you don’t get a smile and a hello… it’s her and she does not know you!

I have been athletic since the age of 22 when then I decided that weighing 180 pounds was not acceptable. I started by swimming, then for about 30 plus years I was a runner, and then in the last 8-10 years I went to spinning classes 4-5 times a week.

Last year I noticed that despite no changes in my eating or gym routine, my clothes were not fitting as well. And as history as shown, the older one gets, sometimes it is a bit harder to loose the weight. I have a “favorite” niece in Seattle who is a certified CrossFit trainer, and I told her my woes. She suggested that I try CrossFit. So at the age of 62 I joined CrossFit Station under the tutelage of Tony and Trina.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy the WOD’s. Every night, except Friday, I check the site so I know what to expect the next morning. Actually, I do this so that I can begin the mental game that “yes, I can do that”. And there are mornings (5 AM) that as I enter the door I do have a bit of tachycardia (rapid heart rate). But the really good news is I’ve seen with this program improvement in my strength and endurance. To date after about 8 months I have dropped in pant size!

Thanks Tony and Trina, because of you I am a now a stronger 63 year old and proud to say…”hey, I can do that I am a CrossFitter”!!!


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Meet Greg and Kaylee

It is a quiet, cool early morning. The kind of peaceful morning you see in movies. You know the kind where the leaves on the trees are perfectly still, the air crisp. During the night, the clean cool air has come through the open window and cooled off the bedroom just enough, in fact the just right temperature to make you curl up in your blankets to sleep and dream of world peace, butterflies and unicorns. But then, you hear a sound breaking through the silence. What is it? Music? Could it be… Bob Segar… rolling down some lonesome highway. Slowly your eyes crack open, you squint to read the blurry red numbers on the digital radio. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you try to roll out of the warm cocoon of blankets you’ve rapped yourself in for the last few hours.  As you move, it feels as though the blankets are getting tighter. It’s as if they don’t want you to leave them to fight the cold without you. But you must… you struggle, pull and push yourself out of bed. And then… it begins.

This is Kaylee’s and Greg’s Crossfit story.  Our story might not be as typical as some, but yet it is probably something everybody can relate to. As you read above, sometimes it is difficult to get out of bed in the morning, but absolutely worth it. Our names are Kaylee and Greg, we are a father and daughter and this is our story.

Kaylee is a senior in high school and plays on the volleyball team. Starting in the fourth grade, Kaylee has loved to play volleyball. This last summer, she was looking for something different to push herself and help her game. As it turned out, Crossfit was just what she was looking for. Her first WOD was not easy, but at the end Kaylee had a huge sense of accomplishment and a desire to improve.  Ever sense her first WOD, Kaylee has been working hard, getting stronger and pushing herself to improve.

My story, to be honest, was driven by the fit of my pants. Over the years, like so many of us, they kept getting tighter and tighter. I had two choices, buy bigger pants or lose the weight.  Well I have to tell you, I love pizza, beer and football, so buying bigger pants didn’t sound too bad; but I knew that just wasn’t going to work. I had to do something. It was just that I didn’t know what to do.  A friend told me about a new Crossfit gym that just opened in Eagle and I thought I might like it. My friend was right.

When I first started Crossfit of course it was challenging and I had a lot to learn. But Tony and Trina took the time to make sure I was doing the lifts and movements correctly. This helped me to gain the confidence and the strength to do the lifts properly.  Now it feels great to walk into the gym, look at the WOD and think, “yeah, I can do that”. The WODs are never easy because I push myself to do better. Some of my favorites are the team WODs. It’s great to work out with a partner to push each other. During the regular WODs, we encourage each other to keep working and finish. I have never experienced comradely and built friendships like this at any other gym.

Crossfit has been good for both of us. It has taken time and a lot of effort, but both of us feel better and stronger than we ever have before.


Greg Wells Muscle Up

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Alicia's Story

I am a 36 year old mother of a 10 year old daughter, Ella and 7 year old son, Gavin.  I am the Charge Nurse/Unit Supervisor at Saint Alphonsus Boise and have been working on the general surgical/trauma floor for 13 yrs as an RN.   I am a wife, mom, nurse, cook, laundress, maid, tutor, accountant, volunteer, and chauffeur that wanted to work on my health and fitness with a new found passion starting over a year ago. I have the opposite attributes of what I would imagine a CrossFit person would have including being uncoordinated, clumsy and I would never have called myself an athlete.   I was a straight A student that filled my after-school days with high school musical rehearsals.   Being active has always been very important to me but most of my exercise programs have been exercise videos, boot camps, and very little weight training, all of which caused boredom and failure.

CrossFit makes me feel so proud of myself.  I’ll never forget Tony’s comment, “Everyone’s got to start from somewhere.”  This is so true, and CrossFit works for people at any level and at any age.  I was extremely excited when I got to put weights on my bar, when I was able to jump on a 20 in box and swing a 35 lb kettle bell.  Nothing can describe how powerful it feels to participate among elite athletes!

CrossFit is a way to challenge yourself while being cheered on by peers.  Why else would we all be there at 5am!!   The greatest change for me was with the pairing of CrossFit with Paleo.   I have had great success with the support and guidance from Trina and fellow challengers.   I have my success and failures with food but this foundation was a true gift and will forever stay with me.

If you had told me a year ago the day after I completed half of a modified WOD and almost died that this would be my new passion I would have laughed in your face.  CrossFit is ever challenging, forever keeping things exciting for me, and very addicting.  I have been going 2 days a week but try to complete WODs at home as well.   There are many WODs that include running so with this I have challenged myself to running and have so far achieved my 5 mile goal.

My goal is to keep progressing with CrossFit.  I have seen so many people progress and it is very inspiring!   I have some work ahead of me.   My kids are active with lacrosse, soccer, skiing, and I want to be an active family.  I have found my inner athlete with the help of Trina, Tony and ALL the support from the team.  I try to do something active every day for myself and to set a healthy example for my family.   It just makes for a better day!


Meet Roger and Lisa

Lisa and Roger Munger

Who are the Mungers?

Our careers allow us flexibility to make it to CrossFit five days a week. Lisa is a CRNA (AKA nurse anesthetist, or gas passer). Roger is a professor of English and serves as the Boise State’s NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative. Not only are we fortunate to have time for CrossFit but also we have time to be Disney-fanatics with our three daughters, Jessie, Megan, and Natalie. Jessie and Megan have tried a few family-day WODs, if only to checkout the cute boys. Natalie prefers soccer and Justin Bieber.


Roger eats a vegan diet, enjoys zombie books, and cheering for the Boise State Broncos. Lisa eats a vegetarian diet, preferring real cheese with flavor on her pizza and milk in her coffee. She watches Walking Dead, but it freaks her out. Lisa is a BSU alumna, so she knows the fight song and her pom-poms are blue and orange. We both enjoy watching disaster and giant crocodile-piranha-shark movies on SyFy channel.


What else do you need to know? A long time ago, Roger wrote a letter of protest to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science when Star Wars didn’t win the Oscar for best picture. Lisa can been seen driving while rocking to Def Leppard and Bon Jovi, practicing for her dream job of rock star.


Why do CF over the other training programs?

Gene Earhardt convinced us to give CrossFit a try. Of course, our first few WODs were, how to put this, OMG awful. Now after almost 17 months, the WODs are, well, still barf-worthy; we’ve just learned to smile while doing burpees. What’s the appeal of CrossFit? The challenge and variety. We enjoy the challenge of competing against our themselves (it really helps to keep record of past WODs to see your progress). The WODs are varied and represent a different challenge each day: how do I get through this and not puke, pass out, or crash on the box jump? 70 reps of what? Seriously? We both appreciate not having to come up with our own workout each day because left to our own discretion we might just say, “Let’s walk to coffee.” CrossFit also gives Roger an excuse to order custom blue and orange “Go Broncos” Reebok Nanos. What’s the number one reason we keep coming back to CrossFit? The people. From Tony and Trina to the people who do the WODs with us, they are all supportive, encouraging, and fun to be around. If you’re going to do a hero WOD, it’s best to have fun with the people also doing it. Although we might not finish first in the WODs (our motto is “try not to finish last”), we are content in knowing we will be near the front of the line at the wine tasting.


How has CF changed your athletic career?

Both of us participated in athletics in high school but stopped competing once we went to college. That is to say, we both didn’t have long “athletic careers” and still don’t have sports agents trying to sign us to Rogue Fitness endorsements. Instead, the WODs keep us in shape to drag luggage through airports, put in a full day at Disney, hike to our seats to cheer the Broncos, heft a case of wine into the trunk, and run from zombies (First Rule: cardio).