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Misty’s Story

"I discovered Crossfit Station and have been hooked ever since"

Who/What kind of girl is Misty? I am a girl who loves to smile and laugh. I enjoy life and being w family and friends. I have always struggled w my weight and tend to be an emotional eater. After a recent separation from my ex-husband and a knee injury last summer I found myself at the heaviest I have ever been so I realized that I needed to do something about this. So in February I started taking kick boxing classes and they helped but after a few months I realized I need to change or add something to my exercise routine but wasn't sure what.

At the beginning of May I discovered Crossfit Station and have been hooked ever since.

How is CrossFit different from your previous fitness regimen? Crossfit is different from anything I have preciously done because every day is a new challenge & I love a good challenge. It makes me want to push myself to be the best I can and the workouts are never boring. I have found myself in the past when I worked out getting bored w the workout & eventually I would just stop working out. Also I got my son signed up so this is something that he and I can do together which makes it even better.

Why did you come to CrossFit? I came to crossfit because I want to not only lose weight but become healthier and stronger and to just feel better.

How has CrossFit Changed You? In the month and half I have been at crossfit I have become stronger - example about a week ago I managed to do my first push ups on my toes now I only was able to do 5 but I have never done push ups on my toes it has always been on my knees. Also even though it still hurts often I have noticed that the knee I injured doesn't hurt as much and my squats & lunges are getting better. I actually look forward to coming to workout everyday.