cashews Love Love my Homemade Bars. Love Joyce's Bar's too- there truly is no wrong way to can make these little delights.

1/4 cup of unsalted cashews

2/3 cup of medjool dates or about 10 dates

2 table spoons of unsweetend coconut flakes

A pinch of Salt

a tad bit of vanilla

Place the dates into your food processor. Pulse until chopped. Then add your cashews, vanilla, and nuts. Pulse til almost a gooey mixture. Then add your coconut flakes - pulse a few more times.

Make a big ball out of your bar mixture and push it down between wax paper.. roll out the mixture to your desired thickness. I like mine about 1/2 an inch thick or a little less.

Cut the rolled out mixture into the desired shape and amount that you would like.  I did not make mine as big as the store bought Lara Bars because they are often too big for my kids and making them into small approximately 2 inch squares seems to be perfect for us!Evee 112