We moved but not far. We went from our 1000 square foot front space to 3000 sq foot back space! Come join us and have some CrossFit Fun in our new space!!

Tony, Trina and their daughter Violet would like to thank each one of you for making their dream possible. "When we did our first CrossFit workout we knew this was what we have always wanted to do."

Tony has been a sports enthusiast all his life. He enjoys cycling, running, and strength training.  Tony coaches football, lacrosse, and is currently working with motocross riders. "Work hard, be accountable, and there are times you need to push yourself past your limits"

Trina has over 15 years experience in the personal training industry. Trina has experience in group X classes,  yoga and pilates, running, bodybuilding, and nutrition. She is currently working on a degree in Business Management. In the last 15 years Trina has seen new fads, new modalities, and new names enter the fitness market.  CrossFit has brought Trina and her clients full circle -- back to the basics. Lift heavy, run fast, eat clean, and be consistent.

Consistency = Success

We could have not done this without all of you. Come be a part of the CrossFit Family..."We are here for you!"

Tony and Trina