Body Building.Com Fitness Expo Games Saturday June 11th Registration 10:00am

Start Times 10:15am

Registration is FREE! Sign-up under the comment section of

Purse – Total of $1000 to be awarded at the end of the final WOD Saturday June, 11th. 

Thanks to our Sponsor Dymatize for making this Great Event Happen!

The purse will be distributed between the top three athletes in the male, and the female classes.

Scoring will be announced after each WOD. 

First place will be 1 point, Second place will be 2 points, 3rd place will be 3 points, etc… of each WOD.

The Athlete in the men’s and the women’s class with the lowest point total after all 3 WODs have been completed will be the overall winner in each class.

1st place, $250.00

2nd place, $150.00

3rd place, $100.00


3 WODs -

Approximate Start Times                              11am

                                                                                1 pm     

                                                                                3 pm

Awards announced on the Podium          4:30pm

Doors Open at 10:00 am. Be There at 10:00am

We will begin warm up and announce Heats at 10:15am

The details for each WOD will be announced at the completion, immediately preceding WOD."

Volunteers and Judges are critical to make this a Great Event, and not just an event.  If you are interested please contact us at, CrossFit, or call 841-4757.

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