8am, and 9am sessions only.  No 5am,6am, or 7am Friday December, 30. Teams of 2 to perform the following;

Deadlift 2500lbs/1500lbs

500ft Weighted carry 45/35  (5 warehouse)

Wall Ball 700lbs/500lbs

Sandbag Squats 1600lbs/800lbs

4 Tire flips

If your team is a male, and female team then each will have to perform the prescribed total weight.  If you have  same sex team (dude/dude or chic/chic) each will have to preform the prescribed weight, or task.

You can start at any of the tasks but must complete all.

There will be no pre- set up.  When clock starts you have to load bars, or get sandbags etc....  When finishing each task you must unload and put items back where they started.

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