First off I would like to thank everyone that was involved with Saturday's Crosstown Throwdown Final Event.  We have gotten so much positive feedback and it is all due to the volunteers that made the day move so smoothly.  Sally, Steph, Leslie(Boise Crossfit), Austin, Jennifer, Michele, Summer, Luke, Adam(Jennifer's Husband), Regi(Crossfit 208), Doug(Militia Box) Thank you Ron for being there all day to shoot pictures.  We can't wait to see all blood, sweat, and tears.  Thanks Peter for shooting the video material,  Should be a lot of fun for everyone to see how hard they were working.

We also want to congratulate everyone that competed Saturday.   Every athlete gave it everything they had.  Nothing was left when they were finished.  Nice work Lily, Amee, Kelsey, Shay, Sarah, Samantha, Nat, Wayne, and Denny.

Thank You very much,Trina and I can not say enough about all the incredible people that we get to work with everyday.

1.  Rope Climbs,  2 x 3 sets

2. 5 rounds for time of

10 Burpees

15 KB Swings

20 Box Jumps (games style)

This work out is one you need to approach with the mind set that everything is unbroken.  Try to complete each round without stopping to rest.