For those of you that have entered the Crossfit Open, we will be doing WOD # 1 Saturday February,25 at 9am.  Follow the link below, read the Standards for this WOD and watch the video.

Also just a reminder that we will not be having the 5:30pm class tomorrow February, 23.


10 DB Hang Squat Cleans 50 Hand Release Push ups 8 DB Squat Cleans 40 Pull Ups 6 DB Squat Cleans 30 Knees to Elbows 4 DB Squat Cleans 20 HSPU 2 DB Squat Cleans 10 Burpees


Front Squat 60%x5/70%x4/80%x4x4 Cleans 60%x5/65%x4/75%x4/85%x2x4 Push Jerk 60%x5/70%x5/80%x3x5

Any time remaining work on your GOATS.

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