Conditioning 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of

KB Swings (with 3 warehouse sprints between rounds)

Start at the back wall of warehouse with KB Swings.  Complete 21 reps of KB Swing then 3 warehouse sprints, 18 KB Swings then 3 warehouse sprints.  Continue with the warehouse sprints between each round.  You will finish with 3KB Swings and 3 warehouse sprints.


Back Squat 60%x5/70%x4/80%x4repsx4sets

Cleans  60%x5/65%x4/75%x4/85%x2repsx4sets

Press 60%x5/70%x5/80%x3repsx5sets

Set up lifting racks in front room.  Conditioning to be done in warehouse.

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