Well day one is in the books.  Both WODS were tough, and the weather didn't help much either.   In the morning the humidity had to be in the 80% plus area.  In the afternoon the sun came out and it started to get hot and humid.  All that being said I feel pretty good.I have meet a lot of really good people from all over the world. I line up each wod next to a really cool guy from Tasmania, and some people that are from Oregon, and Montana. The people I am competing against are the same ones I sit around with a BS with, just like at Crossfit Station. You guys would really like the atmosphere here. Trina has been awesome at keeping me on track, knowing when each WOD is going off, and just taking care of her old man. It has also been really nice to have some familiar faces as well. Adam, Jennifer,Shelly, Samie(Shelly's sisiter), Nat, Sharon, Micheal, Eck(i know, what a name) and even a few from other gyms from Boise area. Tomorrow will be a tough day. Have a Snatch ladder in the morning, and then I so the Chipper that you all did the other day. I need to be in the top 12 to make the cut for Sunday, so I am gonna have to bust my ass in that chipper. I also am very fortunate to have such a great bunch back home that helped me get here. I appreciate everyone of you and can't wait to home to thank you in person. Talk to you some more tomorrow.