Conditioning 250 meter run 10 DB Squat Cleans 20 Box Jump Burpee 30 Wall Balls 40 Double Unders (120 singles) 500 meter run 40 Double Unders (120 singles) 30 Wall Balls 20 Box Jump Burpee 10 DB Squat Cleans 250 meter run

Strength Will posted on white board. There will be a short WOD attached to the end of the strength

If you miss a strength day there will not be a make up day. So if you plan on doing the strength days you need to be at the gym on those days to do the strength. Don't come in the next day and plan on doing the strength. In September we will have a session on Sunday's for Make Up Day so at that time you will be able to make up a wod or strength day you have missed.

I would like to say at this time how excited I am to see so many PB's last week. I think everyone was surprised and excited to see how much more weight they were able to pick up.. I can't wait to see where we are after this next strength cycle. Good Job, and keep up the hard work.