Team WOD 12 AMRAP of 250 meter run (this is a run around the building. after the run you will move to the Rest) KB Swings(move to the run) Hand Release Push Ups(move to the KB Swings Rest

each team member will start in one of the four positions.  At 3-2-1-go all team members will begin.  The team member that is running will be the person that determines how long each member works.  When the team member running completes the run around the building that member will rest the others will proceed to the next position.  the team member that is running will move to the rest, the team member at the Rest will move to Push Ups, the team member at Push ups will move to KB Swings, the team member at KB Swings will move to the run.  each team has to to keep track of total reps at the KB Swing and the Push ups.  The total of the push ups, and the total of the KB Swings are to be kept as separate scores but you are looking for the total of each at the end of the 12 minutes