Conditioning 4 rounds of 3minute amrap of 10 KB SDLHP 1.5/1 pood 20 Double Unders (60 singles) 10 Russan KB Swings 1.5/1 pood 1 minute rest between each 3 minute amrap

Strength will be posted on white board

I have been getting alot of questions lately about what shoes are best for Crossfit.  The following is a post from Crossfit OneWorld (Freddy Camacho) It's a quick read of some of his observations over the years.

October 14, 2012 WEIGHTLIFTING SHOES AND WHY YOU NEED THEM If you decided to take up long distance running, what would be the first thing you would do? Likely, you would do some research regarding running shoes and then you would go and buy the best running shoes you could possibly afford. The shoes make a huge difference when you are pounding the asphalt for miles on end.

If you would buy good shoes for running, why wouldn't you buy the proper shoes for weightlifting? There is no substitute for a weightlifting shoe. Sure, there are good and bad shoes for doing CrossFit, but if you are training at One World, you know we don't just run you into the ground with CrossFit workouts. A huge part of our training includes weightlifting. You really should consider having a shoe for lifting and having a shoe for conditioning.

Why do you need a weightlifting shoe for lifting? I could spew of a number of reasons, but I think one of the best articles on why you should wear a weightlifting shoe is from Lift Big Eat Big:

You Need Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

*Note that the article takes points from "Why Weightlifting Shoes?" and "Weightlifting Shoes 101"....two excellent resources.

If you are a powerlifter, a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor's is probably the only shoe you will ever need. At One World, we are not doing powerlifting. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a pair of weightlifitng shoes. The shoe really will help.

So where do you start in picking a good weightlifting shoe? Everyone has their own personal preference in shoes. I bought my first pair of weightlifitng shoes over 6 years ago. I purchased a pair of $79 Do-Wins.

I am pretty rough on my shoes, and I tore off both straps within three months. After the second strap broke off, I spent $170 and bought myself a pair of Adidas Adistars, argued by many to be the best weightlifting shoe ever. I'd kill to get my hands on another pair (size 11 if anyone is selling). Even six years later, the shoes have taken a beating but still serve their purpose: Moral of the Adistar story: Ideally, you wouldn't wear a weightlifting shoe doing CrossFit, but I wore my Adistars in many a workout that had squating and Oly lifts in them. It was all the other exercises I did in the shoes that beat them up. If you are going to use your shoes for weightlifting & CrossFit, spend the most bucks you can on the pricier shoes. They hold up better.

I recently picked up another pair of Adidas. I only wear these while on a weightlifitng platform. You can see the full line of Adidas weightlifting shoes at their website:

Adidas Weightlifting Shoes

Chyna and Jolie both have the $200 Adipowers and they love them!


A few other shoe choices:

Do-Win, a Chinese sporting goods supplier, is making weightlifitng shoes for both Rogue ($119) and Pendlay ($104-$119).

Rogue Weightlifitng Shoes

Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes


The VS Dynamo can be found on for $89.

VS Dynamo on Amazon


Risto Sports has a great reputation as a top quality weightlifting shoe ($119). They also offer a custom made shoe for $220.

Risto Weightlifting Shoes


A lot of top CrossFitters are wearing the Reebok Weightlifting Shoe ($149). I have a pair but haven't used them. (I'll sell the pictured pair if anyone is interested in a size 11. Never been worn except to check that they fit. Hit me up if interested.) If you want to get Reebok shoes, click on the the link on the right sidebar.

Reebok Weightlifitng Shoe

So many choices...... It may all seem a little confusing, but do yourself a favor and get yourself some shoes!!! Hit me up if you have any questions.