Garage Games North East Final Comp. WOD #5 “Short, Fast and Deadly” 5 Rounds 10 Thrusters (95,65) 10 Toes to bar

Standards(click on Thruster below for video description)

Thruster – the athlete may squat clean the first rep. The good rep requires the hip to pass below the crease of the knee and at the top of the press the ears must be visible in front of the arms with the shoulder, hips and ankles stacked on top of one another. (This means that the bar is over your head not out in front of your head.  It also means that your arms, legs, hips, and knees are straight when the bar is overhead.  Many still think that a complete overhead position the bar just has to be above your head somewhere.  You need to show complete control  by having you body lined up and the bar overhead with shoulders. elbows, hips, knees locked out.  If you don't complete the movements as described than your time don't mean sh**.)


TTB – Both feet must come in contact with the bar at the same time. At the bottom, both feet must break the plane of the pull up bar.