No 8am, or 9am sessions Saturday December, 8 2012. The gym will be closed.   We will be at the BCF Idaho Food bank Fund Raiser from 8am to 12pm.  If you have the time swing by Boise Crossfit to cheer on your Friends from Crossfit Station.   We have about 24 folks that will be going through 2 WODs. WOD 1 7 minute amrap of (Teams of 2) Ground to Overhead. If either team member puts bar down there is a 20 burpee penalty. Going to be a long hard(that means fun in crossfit vocabulary) 7 minutes.

WOD 2 15 minute amarap of (teams of 2) 600 meter weighted backpack carry with something special for each team member to do at the turn around point. Then with the remaining time complete as many Burpee pull ups as possible.