Conditioning 12 minutes OTM (on the minute)

5 Hang Power Cleans 135/95 5 Burpees

The Bar starts on the ground. So do not touch the bar until the top of each minute. We will give a 3,2,1 count each minute. You need to Dead lift the bar to the Hang position, do not take the bar from the ground and perform a power clean on your first rep. Deadlift to a hang position then begin. You need to be completely upright(knees hips and shoulders in a straight line) with elbows in front of the bar, bar on your shoulders(not just close or out in front) for a good rep.  See attahed photo

We did this work out Saturday May, 19 2012. On that day we had 3 Hang Power Cleans. Each round took about 15 seconds. Choose your weight based on your ability, but remember it is suppose to be a work out.


will be posted on white board ( you might as well do the wod then do the strength)