Conditioning 15 minute AMRAP of

4 Dead lift 105/75

3 Power Cleans 105/75

2 Front Squats 105/75

1 Shoulder tot Over Head 105/75

You will complete 4 dead lifts(bar must touch ground on each rep), then 3 power cleans(bar must touch ground on each rep).  On the 3rd power clean keep the bar on your shoulders and continue to the front squat, do 2 front squats, then on completing the 2nd front squat you can continue past the shoulder rack position to a push press (thruster).

Check wod books from 1/08/13

This is a great work out for a couple of reasons.  Number one it is repetition, after repetition of the basic lifts we preform.  Number Two, the length of the work out dictates that you should think about how to approach it in order to get the most out of the work out.  I think that a person can get 30 rounds.  How can we get to 30 rounds?  Simple right, just do 2 rounds per minute.  Rest with the remaining time.  Easier said than done.  Like the pictures below there are two different cars.  One goes really fast for a short time.  The other is not as fast but covers much greater distance.  The second type needs to run consistent hard pace for the whole race just like we do.  Figure out what is a good hard pace for you and try and stick to that pace.  Towards the end of this work out you will want to slow down, try and be as mentally strong as you can and stick to your initial pace.


No strength today.