Conditioning 50 KB Swing 1.5 pood/1 pood

then 3 rounds

10 Pistols (5 rt/5 lt)


20 Wall balls 20/14


50 KB Swings 1.5/1pood


Will posted on white board.

Wednesday - Conditioning / Strength

Thursday - Conditioning / No Strength

Friday - Conditioning / No Strength

Saturday - Conditioning

Reminder Alert.

Saturday June,1 2013 Ben Shatto "The Greatest Physical Therapist of All Time" will be at the Gym from 8am to 9am to help any one that needs his help.  I highly recommend taking advantage of this help from Ben.  He can help with that pesky shoulder, elbow, or knee that has been bothering you lately.  Ask us for more info when you are at the Gym this week.

Saturday June, 1 2013 will only have 1 session and that will be the 8am.  We are closing early so that we can be part of Crossfit 462's Grand Opening in Garden Valley.  Bobby and Janice have opened a Crossfit Gym and we want to be part of the Fun.


Sunday - Rest