Welcome to the Second Annual Crosstown Throwdown Competition series!

The series will run as an online competition from July 28th, 2013 and end with a final live event to be held at Guerber Park in Eagle on August 24th, 2013. We will post a WOD on Sunday morning each week for 3 consecutive weeks, for which you will have until that following Saturday to complete and send in your results via your Box Lead.

Our hopes are to bring our Idaho CrossFit community together, encourage friendly competition, cheer on our friends and make new ones. Above all, we want this to be fun for everyone!

Peruse the site, register to compete and get ready for the competition to begin on July 28th, 2013!

Please feel free to e-mail suggestions to

Please note: We have made a few changes since last year, such as validating scores, registration fee and scoring.

Please also note: You will no longer be able to post comments on the Crosstown Throwdown website.