Open Gym  Christine will be Coaching.

830am to 10am



CrossFit found me almost two years ago. I began working one-on-one with Tony to get back into shape. I had been ski racing for as long as I could remember, and an injury catapulted me into a very un-athletic two years. After working with Tony and summer came around, I fell back into the sluggishness of daily life. When my dad, Gene, joined a few months later I started coming to the WODs  and found that I loved the group atmosphere. I am pretty competitive, and I like all of the constant goals CrossFit offers, even for the fittest of us. I can compete with myself, and others (Mel and Megan) set standards that I continue to strive for. After a few months, Trina suggested I look into getting a Level 1 certification, and I jumped on the chance. I love working with everyone and helping people reach their goals. My goal is to be fit for life, and I believe that CrossFit is the path to walk, run, jump, lift, and pull to get there.

Yoga Stretch

10am to 11am

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