Pull ups
Air Squats (butt to ball)
*50 double unders between after each round (150 singles)
Sled push x 2 (50 yd push each) Weather permitting, We may do banded partner sprints.
Olympic  Lifts
Will be posted on white board.

CrossFit Open

For those competing in the CrossFit Open  - the work outs will be scheduled  Saturday’s, and Monday’s.  Athletes competing will need to sign up for scheduled heat times. Sign up sheets posted on Wednesdays.  The Crossfit Open Work Outs are announced every Thursday night at 6pm,  Crossfit Open

Take Note: Monday's time slots are for those who were not able to do 14.2 on Saturday.  Times for the athlete's wanting to attempt 14.2 a 2nd time will be determined based on availability, so get it right the first time.

There we only be an 8am regularly scheduled session for those non-competing athletes on Saturday and all regular hourly sessions available on Monday’s.