Conditioning A. Dynamic Warm Up

B.  2 Options

1. Crosstown Thrown Competitors will do


5 rounds of

20 Calorie Row

10 Burpees over the Rower

With Remaining Time 

AMRAP of Muscle-ups in the remaining time (rx men and women and men 40 to 49)

AMRAP of Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups in the remaining time (women 40-49 and men 50-59)

AMRAP of Pull-ups in the remaining time (women 50+ and men 60+)

2. All others will do the following

12 Minute AMRAP of

15 Wall balls

10 Box Jump Overs

Olympic Lifting and Skills

to be posted on white board.

Kids Fitness

1015 to 11am

Sasquatch Barbell Club

4pm to 6pm