Conditioning A. Dynamic Warm Up

B. Push Press

5 x 5

C. 10 Minute AMRAP of


10 Pull Ups

15 Double Unders (if your are close to having your DU's then use this work out to get better)

Olympic Lifts and Skills

To be posted on white board.

Sasquatch Barbell Club

4pm to 6pm

Sasquatch Barbell Club


Sasquatch Barbell Club is an opportunity for all members as well as new members to enhance their weightlifting and perform in a competitive environment. The focus of our training will be on Olympic Weightlifting, focusing on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, as well as all necessary auxiliary and strength exercises. Members of Sasquatch Barbell Club should have an enjoyment for lifting and a desire to compete in small local competitions or aspire to lift at a national level. Lifting is meant for all ages and is a productive way to remain physically active.

Beginning July 7th Sasquatch Barbell club will be training from 4-6 pm Monday-Thursday, as well as on Saturdays from 7-8 am. CrossFit Station is also offering a new membership to be paired with Sasquatch Barbell Club. Starting July 7th a weightlifting only membership will be offered. This membership only is valid during barbell club training times and does not allow for any CrossFit or the daily WOD. Cost will be $50 dollars a month for a weightlifting membership. For more information contact Seth Conder or visit us at