Can Ada Cup this Saturday October, 11.  Location of event will be at Crossfit 208 in Nampa, Idaho.  Event should get started at 10am.   Come on out and show your support for Sasquatch Barbell Club competitors Megan, Connor, Debbie, Matt, Tim, John,  Garrett, and Caleb.  For more information talk to Seth. Conditioning

A. Dynamic Warm Up

Ladder Drills

B. 3 rounds NFT

10 second Hollow Rock

5 Good Mornings

5 Single Leg Bridge (5rt/5lt)

10 second HS hold

C. 10 Minute AMRAP 5 Strict HSPU

10 Pull Ups

5 Deadlift 155/105

Olympic Lifts

to be posted on white board.

Sasquatch Barbell Club

4pm to 6pm