Heroes For Haiti is a fundraiser that s  friend of mine Frank Wray  and Games Competitor has put together to help with building and adding on to a school in Haiti.  We would like to get as many as we can to sign up for this as possible.  Not only is this a good cause but it is also formatted like the Crossfit Open and would be a great way to get your training going for the 2015 Crossfit Open.  The work outs are already posted so fololw the link above and read a little about the fundraiser and the work outs.



A. Dynamic Warm Up

B. Back Squat (Tempo 3211)

5 x 5 @ 65 to 70%

C.10 minutes of Cindy

Olympic Lifts

To be posted on white board.

Sasquatch Barbell Club

4pm to 7pm