I subscribe to this blog and this particular one I related with my very own personal career. So many times I get emails from people giving me the shoulda, woulda, coulda excuses. I think if we all gave our bodies the respect they really deserve we would find no excuse to not exercise on a regular basis. First of all, how did it ever become the norm in our culture to prioritize nearly everything above our health?  I think I said it my interview with Jimmy Moore, if you have a car payment but say you cannot afford a gym membership, your priorities are a mess.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure my perspective is completely biased by my chosen profession, but I’m not trying to talk you into joining my gym.  I don’t think I have ever even mentioned the name of my gym on this blog.  Despite my bias, it seems like common sense to me to give up Starbucks, drive a cheap used car with good gas mileage, live in a cheaper home, stop getting your nails done, and/or buy non-designer clothes in order to feel great, look amazing, and live a long, disease free life.  I’m sorry if any of this touches a nerve.  Like I said, tough love today.

The next one is for you moms, and I think I probably should have hired some security before I go into this, but here goes.  Killing yourself slowly is not what your kids need or want from you.  Your children will not get together at Christmas in 30 years and say, “It was totally worth it to have to bury mom so young.  At least she got us to karate, ballet, T-ball, and piano lessons all on the same day while still keeping the kitchen immaculate and doing the laundry.  If that laundry would have piled up we never would have forgiven her!”  Again, how did such things get on your to-do list ahead of “be here for my kids as long as possible”?  The other point we need to address here is the example we set for our kids when it comes to how we take care of our bodies.  If you prioritize nutrition and fitness, your children will likely grow into adults that will prioritize nutrition and fitness.  What would be different in your life right now if nutrition and fitness had always been a priority for you?  All of the health benefits aside, I guarantee you would at least be able to scratch a couple of insecurities off your list.  This is the kind of life I’m asking you to show your kids how to live.

(Brace yourself, I’m about to really get up on my soapbox now.)  Some of you aren’t lifting weights because you won’t go to the gym because you are intimidated by the people there.  This one makes me want to scream!  I understand that you feel like you stick out and everyone is staring at you.  What I don’t understand is how you can place enough value in the opinions of complete strangers that you are willing to sacrifice your health and well being just to avoid them.  Let’s consider the source.  Some over-tanned meat-head in a string tank top and MC Hammer pants finally pulls his gaze away from his biceps in the mirror long enough to look at you with disapproval and you let yourself get uncomfortable.  Then, an exercise addicted bone-rack in a sports bra, tight short shorts, and perfect hair and make-up  looks down her nose at you as you walk past her elliptical machine where she spends most of her time trying to “burn” the right amount of calories that she thinks will keep her competitive in the club on Saturday night and get her noticed by the guys that somehow justify her existence as a woman.  This is the point where you decide you aren’t coming back here.  Are you seriously going to let these people take anything from you?  If you woke up tomorrow morning to find that you had been magically transformed into either one of them you would probably throw yourself off of something tall, but here, in this situation, you are allowing them to be insurmountable obstacles on the path to the life you want.  Stop doing that! Get in there and get to work on your goals and to hell with what anyone thinks!

You are the only one who can change YOU! Keep it Real

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