I recently came across this quote from a blog post in response to Whole 9's comments and I thought I would share. The take I took away from this was "why isn't everyone doing CrossFit? read on...

There’s no question that CrossFit improves health and fitness. Countless individuals have lost hundreds of pounds and accomplished what they never thought possible with CrossFit.

And if you look at the health problems that Americans are facing, there’s no doubt that we need CrossFit. You’d have to deliberately ignore the evidence to believe otherwise. A recent study predicts that 42% of Americans will be obese in 2030, and 11% will be severely obese.

So, while the growth of CrossFit is good, as an Affiliate owner, I’m not satisfied. I’m wondering why EVERYONE isn’t squatting, cleaning, and pulling-up to higher levels of health and fitness. If you’re an affiliate owner, like me, I bet you feel the same way.

Ask yourself: Why don’t so many people who need CrossFit - the sedentary and the sick - try it?

Here’s my take: They’re intimidated. They feel like CrossFit’s not for them.

Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper told Miranda Oldroyd: “People that don’t really know about CrossFit see the CrossFit Games, see athletes such as yourself that are just so strong. You’re unattainable to the average person.”

As CrossFitters, we combat this false perception every day by reminding people about scalability, and telling them that we too started out in awe of these crazy CrossFitters.

This is why it’s so annoying when people claim that CrossFit’s just for the elite, and it’s not safe for the average person....continue reading by clicking here