Today we are a bit more relaxed. I think maybe to relaxed. We had to rise up early and get over to the HDC before 8. First workout was a snatch ladder with double unders after the fail of the last snatch. I am not sure what Tony was hoping to pull - but the talk by EVERYone was how bad they are at Snatches. I knew Tony would do well in this event because I believe that this lift he does well at - and his technique was by far the best. I think we are all glad that WOD is behind us and a chipper is scheduled for later this evening. We got to leave the HDC and return back to our hotel for some much needed re-group. We unfortunately have not been around much to watch the games live.

Since the internet connection is so slow at our hotel the video that I have tried to download takes to long - or maybe cause I don't know what I am doing - pictures say a lot.