By the afternoon we had lots of food and lots of rest. As an athlete you don't really get to enjoy the games live - although some have sat in the stadium all day to watch...but we were burnt out. So we headed over to Trader Joe's grabbed some grub and went back to the hotel. Slept and ate. Trader Joe's is the bomb!!! If you haven't been to one you need to go. Big Chipper WOD this afternoon - cool breeze but the sun was still hot. He came in 11th in his heat, and dropped down to 5th place. After a ice bath and  a few meals and a light beer :) he started to come around. He was originally pissed at himself for his performance, but I think he realized how many other athletes had the same issues and complaints. It was a damn tough WOD - and his final verdict was "I need to swing the KB more".

I did not video this event - I have given up on the video :) but here are some pictures - Enjoy~

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