You may have heard that slogan,but what does it actually mean? I see so many people work out long hours every day, hours of cardio, a hundred crunches, and for what – to obtain that 6-pack stomach. Maybe you are saying to yourself, ‘hey that’s me and I don’t have a six-pack’. It is simple – you cannot out train a bad diet. Seventy percent of fat burning success comes from the kitchen. So what type of diet should you follow if you are looking to maximize your results? I am going write out a daily diet plan aimed at maximum fat loss; a diet that will produce fat loss from the WHOLE body including the abdominal region.

Breakfast: Option 1: 3 whole eggs combined with veggies Option 2: Lean meats combined with a serving of fruit or veggies like my egg-less scramble. Option 3: Protein Smoothie

Snack: ¼ cup of nuts combined with 1 cup of fruit or veggies Lunch: 4 - 6 ounces of lean meats along with 3 - 4 cups of veggies Snack: Repeat your early morning snack Dinner: 4 - 6 ounces of lean meats along with 3 - 4 cups of veggies as well as a serving of fruit Optional Snack: Berries and Nuts, or a scoop of whey before bed. Drink several liters of water a day, ingest a good fish oil, keep the protein high, and ingest carbohydrates mostly from veggies. Fats and Fruits are to be eaten in moderation and refined sugars on occasion.

Focus on compound movements in the gym (spot reducing doesn't work!) Give yourself 2 full rest days and be sure your body gets 7 or more hours a sleep a day. Now get off the couch and get into the kitchen.

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