I had my last 4 week doctor appointment on Friday. For those of you that don't know the routine - you go to the doc about every 4 weeks and she/he checks in on you with various tests, monitoring, weighing and measuring. I saw the PA and she was VERY concerned about me measuring very small...so the worry begins. I was put through an ultrasound and she is weighing in about 3.8 pounds. (With 2 websites I found that would put her at 32 weeks) They checked the placenta, fluid levels, head size, belly size, etc..

Then I was put up to a machine that monitors stress. I guess if my uterus is done feeding and providing for her this would be the next step to tell.

All the tests past just fine - so now they want me to go in every 2 days for the same tests...the PA wants her growing 6 ounces by next Thursday.

My opinion: From the beginning she has measured small - but they (medical professionals) insisted that she was 2 weeks earlier gestational then what my ovulation cycle suggested. My question and beef has always been...are you sure we are on track cause I feel like I am not due til February 15th. YES is always their answer...she is due around the 8th.

Not bad you say...just a week off - but when you are measuring and weighting etc...it can mean almost 2 pounds for baby.

So long story...They put me on moderate activity and said go home and put my feet up! One thing I don't do well is put my feet up - I don't want her coming out early and I want her to continue to grow and for my body to continue to provide for her...so day one...here it goes

Can I tell you that I have been cleaning like a Pheen! Yup - a mad crazy women with a serious disorder. I grab rags, and spray...I climb counters, cabinets, and crawl into closets. I have been scrubbing, wiping, sweeping, moping, and disinfecting..EVERYTHING! I have been giving away, throwing away, and donating Crap! Seriously how long have you looked at something and you never have done anything with it - just to fool yourself with "well you never know when I might need that"...Ya-RIGHT! So bye bye

I know what my sister is saying right now (cause she has said it at least 5 times to me in the last month) "come over to my house and do the same thing"

I have to be careful - seriously...I have on more than one occasion completely wore myself out by doing to much. I am type A already and I guess when I have an agenda - look out. And yup this is a 9 month agenda and we are close to the deadline! :)

I am seriously so blessed and very grateful to be where I am at right now - and I owe it all to so many people in my life. Life just is not the same and would not be the same with out all of you. Thank you!