I love a good piece of chocolate and the darker the  better. Growing up that was not always true. Milk chocolate would of been my choice. Probably in the last  year I have been eating, cooking, and tasting different kinds of Cocoa. Did you know that in certain countries the cacao bean is fermented, ground up and formed into balls or sticks and used for tea. "slurp slurp" Lately, I prefer Bittersweet or Unsweetened. What is great about Paleo Nutrition is you can get away with these types of chocolate because there is usually some other sweetener involved such as Honey or Maple Syrup.  For example my Power Bars are an amazing snack! Not to sweet and full of good nutrition to satisfy and hold you til your next meal. My chocolate walnut butter is a tasty spread. Violet and I will add in celery sticks or just eat it directly from the jar. So Good! Do I have you craving chocolate yet? I recently worked on a quick and easy almond chocolate bark - not pretty but well worth making. Stay tuned...

Life has been interesting - December 23rd is when it all changed - emotionally and physically. If you have not been following my blog you can go back and read the details here - I won't bore you with re-writing them.

In a nut shell: for the past three weeks I have been on restriction from any sort of activity, not even allowed to go to work. No stress they say, 'give up the control' they insist. For the most part I have been listening. Honestly it feels good to be at work - I get the feel good energy that you all bring to the Station as well as support and I love it! I guess you can say I truly love what I do.

My Family Support Team has been the best - they listen to me complain, cry, whine, moan...and they just listen.

Last visit to the doctors office was Thursday January 3rd. Baby Girl gained 4oz. I was hoping for an even 7...so she currently weights in at 4.7 lbs. She is measuring about 2 weeks behind for her gestational age. However every test thus far she has passed with flying colors! These tests make me a nervous wreck! They are emotional and hard to take on. The journey to get to the office, the waiting, the bouncing around visiting different professionals, the updates, everything about these visits are awful! I said to Kelsey that I think the more information we have sometimes is not necessarily a good thing. I immediately turn to my support team and they are all so supportive and VERY helpful.

Being on moderate activity is not the hard part - truly..in fact it is fine to some degree. However I thought exercise was a good thing while pregnant...and therefore I am going to lift 2x next week - so that I can get my body moving. They are not allowing this of course - so call it a test. If I lift a little bit and she still is making forward progress - then I am good and  everybody is happy. Right?

When the doc warned me of all the pre-term labor signs and scolded me on eating Paleo and said I needed to eat more starchy carbs like sweet pots (doesn't she know sweet  pot is a fruit - so what if I eat more fruit?) My response was "Doc I feel Awesome!" she smiled and was sort of surprised...hmmm - could it be cause everything is just fine??

Love it when I cough and my sacrum self-adjust. Awesome

So the big debate - when am I due?

The pro's say they will go by the fluid levels and blood volume and determine when its  time to start labor....so she may come on her own and in her own time or they may jump start me... either way we are looking at somewhere and no later than 40 days from now.

love you all stay tuned...