We did it - now the real work begins. You would think with all my insomnia over the last 2 months getting up at 2 am to feed a baby would be no big deal - but man its work! Evelyn is 3 days old and already changing. She smiled at me this morning!!! I swear she saw my face and gave me this big ole grin. Priceless.

In case you had not heard Evelyn Dean Kubitschek "Evee" for short was born Monday 2/4/13 at 10:48 am. The quick and dirty of it all was that after much deliberation from Dr. Rice and long talks among ourselves we decided to go for the induction. The strange thing was once I made up my mind I was ready...very ready to have this baby. Walking across the parking lot I was so ready. So we got checked in at 7:30 am. Everything was checking out smoothly and I was having contractions but could not feel them. I was about a 4 (cm dilated and 80% effaced and baby was a -2 so yes - that explained all my pressure) About 8:30 they decided to do Pitocin and Dr. Rice came in shortly after that to break my bag of water. 9:15 things were getting harder - and I was starting to have contractions closer together. Tony was able to see the monitor..he was a good coach in letting me know when one was coming and when they were letting up. At 10:15 I asked the nurse when she should check me..she said about noon. My very next contraction got her attention (I was combative and screaming :)) She returned quickly checked me and I was an 8. Called Dr Rice and I had 4 more contractions, one big push and she was here! Quick and Dirty

So here they are the top 10 things I won't miss while being pregnant:

#1 Peeing every 15 minutes. Peeing for only 3 seconds at any given time. Peeing every time I cough....you get my drift?

#2 Stuffy Nose!! 

Sudafed become my friend.

#3 Pelvic Pressure.

Especially by night fall. It felt like I had a bowling ball between my legs

#4 Sacrum Pressure.

Extremely uncomfortable.

#5 Insomnia.

Never ever had this before in my life. It was the weirdest experience.

#6 Small stomach syndrome.

I tried so hard to gain weight through out my pregnancy. It was not til the very end when my activity slowed down that I was able to put on about 5 more additional pounds. I was only able to eat very small frequent meals/snacks. I made up for this the day Evelyn came out. I gorged and binged on mountain size portions of food. Amazing!

#7 Everyone asking me if my baby had a name.

This was no easy task. Seriously you should of seen us with our piece of paper and looking at her at the very last hour of her discharge still trying to figure out what we will call her. Honestly I really wanted Evee to be her given name but the more I look at her the more I love Evelyn. It means Life or Little Bird.

#8 Maternity Clothes

I only bought two things (a pair of jeans and a pair of workout pants) - and I have worn them to death! I am so sick of looking at them, washing them, wearing them. I can imagine what my clients thought too.

#9 Everything made me POO!

TMI right?! Call it hormones call it whatever you'd like its true. If I had anything strange in my diet or just an off night the next morning I paid. The last month I went purely Paleo for our CrossFit Station Paleo Challenge and that helped a lot. It kept me on target and I ate cleaner than ever.

and the Number 10 thing I won't miss about being Pregnant is...