“HELP!” the scale won’t budge!

I hear this often from clients, and first I want to acknowledge that scale weight can be disappointing. You work so hard day after day, and then you step onto the scale only to discover no progress. My question to you is this: “Have you really made the small changes required to your weight loss success plan?” Here are a few things that I would recommend that you do:

  1. Drink more water. Your muscles are made up of mostly protein and water. Water is a natural source your body craves. Water will help you lose weight.
  2. Eliminate Diary. Dairy can cause inflammation in the gut.  Inflammation causes bloating, gas, and water retention. Switch over to almond milk or coconut milk both has natural healing properties.
  3. Eat more Veggies. Vegetables have healing properties our body’s desire.  Try having a salad for lunch and dinner. Add veggies to your eggs or to your breakfast shake.
  4. Eat breakfast. Eat it every day. Your metabolism is a furnace. A balance of protein and carbohydrates will keep it burning hot all day long.
  5. Cut back on the caffeine. Mix ½ caffeine and ½ decaf to your cup. I am the first to admit that I am caffeine junky, but caffeine can cause insulin spikes and blood sugar crashes. All of which can lead to eating poorly and added weight gain.
  6. Speed up your workouts. Get off the ‘Dread-Mill’. Try interval, or Tabata training.
  7. Hire a Personal Trainer. They can help you with short and long term goals, re-motivate you, and bring new ideas to your training program.
  8. Skip the cold cereal. Enjoy eggs, sausage, bacon, or a protein smoothie.
  9. Skip alcohol. You will sleep better and have more energy in the morning.
  10. Leave the breads, pastas, rice, crackers, and chips behind. Processed carbohydrates cause insulin spikes, leaving you with a tired-sluggish feeling.
  11. Eat more fruit. Fruit is a natural energy source and packed with vitamins. Shoot for 3 cups a day.
  12. Skip Starbucks. Your body and pocket book will thank you.
  13. Write it all down. Truth lies in the words written.
  14. Throw away the SCALE! Measure progress with inches lost and body mass index testing. As always I give free group personal training to anyone who wants to come in and turn in their scale.