I am lucky enough to be writing for the Idaho local newspaper. My Fitness Corner has been in their publications for more than 5 years now. Here is my article from their December Issue -



Perhaps some of your goals are to lose weight, eat cleaner, get rid of bad habits and make new ones. It is now time to create a plan of action and "finally" owning up to a behavior change. Try a variety of strategies and adopt those practices that you find most effective. The following general principles should help you develop your own plan for change: 1. Set Realistic goals. Most importantly you need to begin by writing your goals down! I cannot say this loud enough – WRITE THEM DOWN! Start with something as simple as adding that extra glass of water to your day. Or perhaps starting your day off with a piece of fruit. Perhaps adding 15 minutes a day of exercise...

If you would like to read more about this article you can find it in this pdf on page 19