Welcome to Day 2 of our Paleo Challenge. This is where you will post your points from yesterday - January 1st 2014. No particular format - just post total points. Already lose a point? Don't worry we have a fitness challenge for you. Complete 300 situps and 300 squats in 3 Days. You will earn 2 Fitness Points for completing all recommended reps.

Here is a Demo of the standards on a "sit-up" http://youtu.be/EhG_x1bLHwE if you don't have an ab mat use a folded up towel.

Here is a Demo of the standards on a "squat" http://youtu.be/a_fb6Kz7FQg

Post your Points  Saturday January 4th Midnight.

Forgot what the rules are on what you can eat and what you cannot go back to this link http://crossfitstar.com/paleo-challenge-rules/

Need Snack Ideas Give these a try:

1. A tin of tuna or salmon 2. A good quality packet of beef jerky (or make your own) 3. Put together a trail mix of your favourite nuts and seeds 5. Larabars are a good emergency option there are a few that don't contain honey 6. Coconut flakes will also store well 7. A jar of coconut oil and spoon will provide some good fat when you need it most

8. Turkey roll-ups with cucumber, tomato, grated carrot and avocado inside 9. Make “chicken nuggets” coated in coconut flour and egg 10. Wrap melon in ham

11. An avocado and a spoon 12. Peeled, hardboiled eggs 13. Black and green olives 14. Fruit in coconut milk 15. Seasonal fruit on it’s own 16. A young fresh coconut

Lots more ideas here